British Passenger plane involved in near miss with UFO

Mark's note: This story is just now coming to light. This happened on December 2nd last year, 2012. 

STV 1 May 2013 08:02 BST

A passenger plane was involved in a near miss an unidentified flying object, two pilots have reported.

The blue and yellow UFO came within 300ft of the Airbus 320 on December 2 (2012) above Baillieston as the plane approached Glasgow Airport.

The UK Airprox Board – which investigates near misses in the skies – heard the incident had taken place at around 3500ft. Both pilots on the flight reported seeing the UFO “loom ahead”.

The board head the object passed directly beneath the plane before either of the crew had time to take avoiding action or had “really registered it” although they were both agreed that it appeared blue and yellow or silver in colour with a small frontal area but that it was “bigger than a balloon”.

The estimated miss-distance was 300ft.

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