Veteran Sky-watcher Reports UFOs: Alliance, Ohio

Billy Booth

Ohio has had some of Ufology's best researchers, and the state has also had more than its share of good UFO reports. UFO Encountered in Amelia, Ohio, Triangle UFO over Ohio: Missing Time, Wright-Patterson AFB and Alien Technology, and for a state overview see UFOs over Ohio.

The account below comes from the city of Alliance.

Alliance, Ohio - 04-21-13
I was placing items in my pickup truck for the next day. My truck was backed in my drive facing east and I had walked out my front door of my home that also faces east and was using the passenger door to place the items in my truck.
I closed the truck door and pivoted to my left (now facing north) to go back in my house, when I noticed on the horizon 3 (three) objects approx. 30 deg. above the horizon at an altitude of 3500 msl (2500 agl in this area).
Objects in Formation
The objects were flying in formation, with the lead craft in the middle and the other two craft approx. 1 nm back and 1 nm to either side of the lead craft. I was startled.
I am a retired pilot, and the reason I was startled is that I initially stared at the lead object only due to the fact that it resembled an aircraft, especially a turbo-prop, with an engine fire.
My eyes were obviously drawn to the other two craft as well and I did not know what to make of what I was seeing. The craft were heading due west (270 deg.) making no sound.
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