Credibility of UFO Witnesses at Mock-Hearing Impresses Former Congress Members

Alejandro Rojas
Huffington Post

While not all of the former Congress members at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure last week were convinced that we are being visited by aliens, they all did say they were impressed by the high level of credibility of some of the witnesses they heard from.

Critics have pointed out that the committee members received $20,000 for their participation, so they would have been impressed by anything they had seen. However, their only requirement was to show up and participate. I think it would have been much easier for them to collect their checks and agree with reporters that it was a silly event. Instead, they are expressing their surprise that the credibility of witnesses is much higher than expected, and some are going so far as to say they are convinced that ET is visiting earth and the United Nations needs to investigate it.

Among the witnesses were 10 retired U.S. Air Force servicemen, including pilots and officers. Most of them testified to being personally involved with UFO encounters. Two of the witnesses that riled the committee members to action were John Burroughs and Jim Penniston. In 1980, these two men were sent out into the forest surrounding an air base in the UK that was on lease by the USAF from the British government to investigate mysterious lights. They say they came upon a strange triangular craft. Penniston took notes on the details of the object, and even touched it, before the mysterious craft lifted up above the tree tops and took off at a tremendous speed.

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