New Wireless Micro Medical Implant, Reminiscent of 'Alien Implant'

Traditional pacemaker on the left, and the new micro implant on the right/Stanford University
Mark Turner
Mysterious World

A new medical breakthrough would help millions for a variety of common health problems, but would this same device be used for more nefarious purposes, and is it already being used?

Artificial cardiac pacemakers have been in use since 1958. Though a lifesaver, the battery size and recharging them has always been a problem. Now, Stanford Electrical engineer Ada Poon has developed a way for micro implants to be recharged by electromagnetic waves passing freely through the air. The real secret behind the device is the 'power harvesting coil', able to fit inside a container the size of a grain of rice.

These implants could be put anywhere in the body, including the heart and the brain. According to John Ho of Stanford, "we can stimulate nerves, put sensors inside the body and even deliver drugs." The device can be placed on a nerve and stimulate signals passing along that same nerve. This would be beneficial for patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, depression, epilepsy, heart failure, chronic pain and many other diseases.

When I first saw this, I was immediately reminded of the stories I have heard over the years of alleged Alien Abduction cases where innocent human beings are taken aboard alien space craft, examined, poked and prodded under medial like conditions and then sent back to their homes, sometimes days later. The victims of these otherworldly assaults often do not know what has happened to them. They have no memory of the incident and they are left feeling confused and angry, but never sure why. Then, they usually begin to have strange dreams and memories of something very disturbing happening to them. Usually under hypnotic regression, they begin to recall the experience of their abduction and often tell of receiving an 'implant', a kind of tracking device that human scientists use to track animals over a long period of time. Some abductees, like Whitley Strieber, claim that there is some sort of U.S. government involvement with the 'visitors'. That they work in collusion for an unspecified purpose.

Of course some would call these people fantasists or simply crazy, but in light of this recent scientific breakthrough, the far-out claims of the alien abductees might have some basis in fact. Conspiracy theorists believe that universities and military contractors work with the government to understand crashed flying saucers that are back engineered for advancements in science. Philip J. Corso's book The Day After Roswell claims that a UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico was back-engineered and gave birth to fiber-optics and the microchip.

Is this latest advanced technology a product of an alien device, or is this simply the natural progression of science and the diligent work of students and professors? Or is it both? Did someone 'suggest' certain key elements needed in the development of a new medical breakthrough? And what are the implications and ethical possibilities of such a device? Are there people walking around right now that are unaware that they have such implants buried deep inside their bodies? As stated in the official Stanford video below, this micro-device has the ability to alter the way the brain works and behaves. The ability to program the perfect soldier? Just add the right implants and you have a programmed killer that would be impervious to pain. The possibilities are limitless.

Let us hope this technology will be used to help our fellow human-beings and not to harm them - in the near future or in a shadowy covert secret world that may already exist right under our noses.

Story source:The Independent

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