Two Deep Space UFOs caught on VIDEO near International Space Station - May 2014

Two sightings of mysterious lights near the ISS from May 2014.

Mark Turner 
Mysterious World 

Keen observers of the International Space Station video feeds have caught two recent UFOs moving around our globe in deep space. The first could be explained away by a number of common space objects, the second video is not so easy to dismiss and warrants further investigation.

The first is said to be an upside-down pentagram and the maker of the video has further speculations that I do not share, but are presented below. Is it a satellite?

The second video shows multiple lights and is very intriguing. If they are satellites, then they appear to have multicolored lights! I do not think that is possible.

A series of lights near the ISS that were joined by a second row or lights that blink off, off and move around the station.

Though the poster of the video says that these are multiple UFO's, I wonder if this is one or two very large UFOs, one above the other. The lights slowly blink on and off in a random fashion. This video is not to be missed!

Story source: Educating Humanity

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