Voodoo Priestess, Reverend Dr. Lady Bishop Interview (VIDEO) Scott Spears Now

Mark Turner
Mysterious World

Scott Spears interviews Voodoo Priestess, Reverend Dr. Lady Bishop, the only American-born, full-fledged Voodoo Priestess in America. Though she is a Voodoo Priestess, she is a very Christian woman who holds strong beliefs.

In her long career, she has appeared on numerous shows including Larry King. In this interview, she talks of the Sylvia Brown controversy and then shares her own predictions of the future.

Topics discussed: the Sylvia Brown controversy, channeling J. Edgar Hoover, the rank to 'Seership', definition of the word 'Voodoo'. predictions involving Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton, May Day, President Obama, Voodoo bag or Mojo bag.

Sources: Lady Bishop.com,  Scott Spears now

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