UFO Orb Chased by Black Helicopter in California - July 18th & 19th 2011

Two reports to MUFON from California witnesses in a two day period, July 18th & 19th 2011, relate the odd sighting of an erratic, fast moving, red-orange light, or orb, followed by a "huge black plane" on the 19th and a black helicopter on the 18th. 

It seems that the UFO's are playing cat and mouse games with our military.  

No pictures or video were taken, though the witness on the 18th did try before the chase was obscured by trees. 

The report from the 18th says they noticed a black plane as well, that was following the helicopter.

Story source 

Other red orange orb UFOs from this month. 

Defiance Ohio, July 3rd 2011, photo grab from video below
Breezy Field, Huntington, Long Island NY, July 17th 2011


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