5.8 East Coast Earthquake (8/23/2011) and the strange sky 2 weeks ago to the day (8/9/2011)

Colorado & Virginia quakes just hours apart

With the enormous 5.9 earthquake that was felt across the US east coast today, its important to note that a Magnitude 5.3 quake was felt only hours before in Colorado.  The Colorado quake is just as rare as the East Coast quake. Colorado has not felt that kind of activity since 1967 when a magnitude 5.3 struck near Denver and another followed it in 1973 with a 5.7 in the northwest corner of the state.  Mining is blamed on those quakes. The Appalachian mountains are currently undergoing a large amount of surface mining. Could there be a correlation?  

August 9th, 2011 Ohio sunset
Just last week, I saw a strange show in the sky and made a blog entry concerning the unusual clouds, storms and colors that began on August 9th and continued thru into the 13th.  I wrote at the time that I believed that something was happening, that it was a kind of warning, but I did not know what to make of it.  I now think that the sky was alive with what you see in the video below, 'earthquake lights'.  These were recorded in China only 30 minutes before a massive 8.0 quake struck Sichuan ChinaI'm not saying every-time you see a beautiful sunset, that you should fear for your life, but the sunset on August 9th that I saw in Ohio was not your usual sunset.


  1. I must say that I still do not know what it was I was seeing on August 9th. But it was firefighting and I do believe that it was a warning but of what, I do not know.
    - Mark

  2. I can say I say the same colors in the sky in St' Louis Mo. on that day just thought it was a weird sunset.