Secret Room, Possibly From World War II, Found In Home In Norway

Michelle Manetti
The Huffington Post

One of the coolest features a home can have is a secret room, even if it's empty. But if you're lucky enough to find one that has some goodies in it, like Reddit user mYNDIG, then you are in for a real treat.

The redditor discovered a secret passageway in the attic of his home in Norway. Inside the space the user found a lamp alarm, a map of West Europe, a lonely doll shoe and a note in Norwegian that roughly translates to: "If you have a weak stomach, you don't have access." (We confirmed with a native speaker).

According to user norwigga, the space could have been used as a radio room during World War II. "Norwegians would listen to English BBC radio and then make underground newspapers to spread news of how the war was truly going (the Germans only spread propaganda)." Vxx said it was most likely used to hide those in danger from the Nazis. "Rooms this size were often used to hide a lot more people than you would expect. It was probably used by a whole family."

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