Playground marks the spot of 50 year old mass Austrian UFO sighting

Proposed playground of mass UFO sighting at Westall,
in the Clayton area of Melbourne Australia

April 6th, 1966, a UFO landed near a playground, witnessed by dozens of school children in Melbourne Australia. Days later, hundreds of people came out to view the burnt landing area. A new documentary has been produced about this unusual event.
"Kingston City Council's Steve Perumal has designed the playground complete with a UFO of around the same size and and position of those seen at Westall back in 1966. Shane Ryan is a researcher who interview over 200 people who saw the UFOs, and for many years has lobbied the council to create something on the site."
A downloadable podcast and playable audio is available from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website below.  Libbi Gorr speaks with many of the witnesses.  

Story continues here: ABC Victoria - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

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