Sex Symbols of Crime and their Fans - Casey Anthony & Richard Ramirez

The allure of the forbidden: it's what compels some to chase after those that others might see as dangerous. Perhaps that's why a fictional girl in a popular book series would be torn between her werewolf and vampire lovers.

There were some that felt sympathy for alleged child-killer, Casey Anthony, 
sending her letters and money in jail.

The Crimes of Casey Anthony?

ORANGE COUNTY FLORIDA - Charged with the murder of her own daughter, two-year old Caylee, after lying to her family and police about the missing girls whereabouts, Casey Anthony became the eye in the center of a media hurricane. When little Caylee was said to have gone missing, only a few days after her daughters disappearance, the mother, Casey Anthony went partying at clubs, entered a 'hot-body' contest, and danced protectively with attractive girlfriends. Pictures of the girl-on-girl dancing were beamed into nearly every American household. They were the best photos of an alleged female-killer any network could hope for.

As Casey Anthony sat in jail awaiting her trial, the body of her daughter Caylee was found, badly decomposed, and with duct-tape over the child's mouth. The duct-tape had heart-shaped stickers placed on it, the same kind found in her mother Casey Anthony's room.

The trial had more twists and turns than a bad crime novel; wild allegations flew from the defense team and outside the courtroom people began fighting just to get inside to watch the drama unfold.

In the end, the misguided jury found Casey 'not guilty' of the crime of murdering her daughter, but for the charges of lying to police, she was found guilty.

 The Fans of Casey Anthony

Many felt that justice had not been served . . . but there were others that felt sympathy for the accused Casey Anthony.  

Maybe it was her smile, the way she cried, or those pictures of her dancing with other women that made some send her letters and money while in jail? People sent money to her during the trial. Most were men, but some were women. During the trial, there were people holding up signs outside the courtroom calling Casey a child murderer, but there was a small group, mostly men, that held signs saying she was innocent.  They could not believe that an attractive woman would murder such a cute little girl. Besides, what proof was there? 

When it was obvious that Casey would have nowhere to live after her release (the damage done between her and her parents was too great), the monetary donations to her increased. 17 people in all had sent her money. Casey Anthony ended up with $472.18. CBS

After her release from jail, an angry mob had gathered shouting "Baby killer!" Two armed deputies with semi-automatic rifles walked behind Casey.  While she walked, she may or may not have seen her small group of supporters.  One man held up a sign that read; "Casey, will you marry me?"

When doing a Google Image search for Casey Anthony, as of this writing, a popular search is 'Casey Anthony Hot'.  Some might possibly see her as 'hot'. . . as hot as the devil's own.

Richard Ramirez had several female fans while on trial for 14 murders.  
He married one of his groupies in 1996.

The crimes of Richard Ramirez

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA - Richard Ramirez, better know to and the rest of the world as the Night Stalker, was one of the most crazed serial killers known.  He attacked men, women and children and would sometimes leave a pentagram drawn in lipstick at the scene of the murders.  He usually crept into his victims windows at night, shot the husbands and had his way with the wives.  

Once caught, he described himself as the representative of Satan.  He enjoyed the attention his crimes received during the trial and sneered at the families of his victims. 

The Fans of Richard Ramirez 
Drawn by his rock-star hair, gaunt features, piercing eyes and nonchalant attitude, Richard grew a cult following of adoring female fans. During the trail, his groupies gathered outside the courthouse hoping for a chance to get inside: nurses and exotic dancers, law students and more. They would dress in black, just like their idol Ramirez, who was wearing black during the trial.  They could not wait for him to look back at them and give them his cocky, self assured smile.

One of his groupies, Doreen Lioy, wrote Ramirez 75 letters.  "I looked at him and I was just captivated," she said of Ramirez.  "I think he's a very sexy person. He's a very gorgeous person. To me he is as beautiful inside as he is on the outside."  Doreen Lioy married Richard Ramirez in 1996.    

Sentenced to death 19 times but was never executed. California has not executed a prisoner since 1967.  During his first death sentence he declared; "You maggots make me sick. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within all of us!"  

Doreen has said if and when Richard is executed, that she will kill herself.  Satan will have to make room for two more in hell.       

Update: Richard Ramirez died in prison on June 7th of 2013. He was 53. Hell is now a little more crowded.

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