Romanian nuns celebrate Easter among the skulls of their dead sisters

PUBLISHED: 13:29 EST, 5 May 2013 | UPDATED: 05:54 EST, 6 May 2013

As thousands of Orthodox Christians celebrated Easter Sunday today with services around the world, worshippers in Romania visited an underground room of skulls to mark Jesus Christ's resurrection.

The ossuary at Pasarea monastery near Bucharest contains mainly the remains of nuns who lived there.

A Romanian Orthodox priest led a service as nuns held candles and sang, while visitors looked on.

The ossuary contains human remains, mostly of nuns who lived at the monastery, and is opened on Easter night

Romanian orthodox nuns sing in the ossuary at the Pasarea monastery near Bucharest to mark Easter Sunday

More than 85 per cent of Romanians are Orthodox Christian. They celebrate the resurrection of Christ on the evening before Easter Sunday, when a holy flame originating in Jerusalem is passed between churches.

Worshippers visit their local church with candles and take the flame - which is seen as a light from God - back into their homes for Easter Sunday.

The flame is brought from Jerusalem by members of the Romanian Orthodox clergy after an event called the Holy Fire ceremony at one of Christianity's holiest churches.

The nuns sing among the remains of the dead to mark Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday, which is today in the Orthodox calendar

The ossuary is opened to visitors on Easter Sunday as believers mark the rising of Christ from the dead

Nuns light candles and lay flowers to commemorate the dead and celebrate Easter

The candles on the ground to the far right spell out 'Christ is risen'

The Pasarea monastery was founded in 1813 and rebuilt in 1838 after it was destroyed by an earthquake

The Holy Fire ceremony took place at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City with last night.

The event takes place at the church on the eve of every Easter Sunday and is seen as a miracle.

During the ceremony, a blue fire is mysteriously lit and ignites a candle held by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Jerusalem.

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