Probe of unexplained humming noise widens past Calgary, Alberta Canada

By Jeremy Nolais

Buzz about a mystery hum that’s confounded researchers and those who hear it has extended well beyond a Calgary neighbourhood where complainants first came forward.

Victims of the so-called “Ranchlands hum” describe it as more of a vibrational feeling than a noise. It has the power to keep them up at night, ruin their mood and has even led some poor souls to question their sanity.

The hum is a “genuine phenomenon,” according to University of Calgary researcher Dr. Marcia Epstein, who’s worked in her spare time to track the elusive source for a few years.

“It’s something we don’t yet understand,” she said. “They (hum hearers) are not crazy, they’re not making it up, they’re not losing their hearing.”

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  1. In Sandpoint Idaho. Faint, Very low, two tone, frequency. If I we're to draw it, it would appear as a square wave, the higher pitch approximately 2 seconds, lower pitch about 1 second, continuous, noticeable at night. We don't have any kind of a city or utility plant that could generate a noise like that.