Unsolved mystery: Location of Flight 2501 that disappeared over Lake Michigan eludes searchers 63 years later

West Michigan author claims to crack mystery of Flight 2501

Ursula Zerilli
June 06, 2013
Michigan Live

SOUTH HAVEN, MI – Valerie van Heest believes she has unraveled the 63-year-old mystery of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501. However, the location of the aircraft remains unknown.

NWA Flight 2501 was considered the worst aviation crash of its time and as one of the greatest tragedies of the Great Lakes. All 58 people aboard the flight on June 23, 1950 were lost when the plane went down over Lake Michigan. Aircraft debris and other evidence were found along the Lake Michigan shore near South Haven in the days following the accident.

Over the years, searchers have attempted to locate the plane at the bottom of the lake, to no avail. But van Heest, director of the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association, said families of victims need not wait to learn what happened that night when 34-year-old Capt. Robert Lind decided to fly the plane into a dangerous storm that other pilots avoided.

Van Heest is the author a non-fiction book called "Fatal Crossing: The Mysterious Disappearance of NWA Flight 2501 and The Quest for Answers," that will be released this month by Holland-based publisher In Depth Editions.

Using 10 years of research, she recreates the last hours of the flight and connects a series of bad decisions and unfortunate events leading to the crash.

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