English Ghost Hunter Chased out of Gloomy Tower were Accused Witches were kept before their Excution

The reputedley haunted tower attatched to Pitenweem Parish Church where witches were kept before execution. 
Photo credit: DC Thomson

12 June 2013
The Courier.co.uk

A hardened ghost hunter fled from a haunted Fife tower in terror after hearing ghostly voices.

Gregor Stewart, who is a self-described “open-minded sceptic”, found a research trip to the Tolbooth Tower in Pittenweem too strange for comfort.

Investigating the tower along with his son Kyle, 17, the pair had lasted around three hours but were suddenly so spooked that they left the building as soon as they could.

Gregor, an author of two books about haunted locations, had set up a digital recorder during their time in the tower and when it was played back there was a voice around the time the two began to feel unwell, which neither Gregor nor his son heard at the time.

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