HBO UFO Documentary from 1985 "UFO's: What's Going On?"

America Undercover 1985
Mark Turner 
Mysterious World 

This was one of the first major documentaries I ever saw on the subject of UFO's. I was about 14 when it aired and we saved it to video tape. I watched it dozens of times. Thankfully someone has posted it in its entirety.

This is part of a series of investigative specials during the mid 1980's produced by HBO under the title, America Undercover. The shows usually dealt with crime and social issues. Kind of like a longer form, harder edged Unsolved Mysteries.
J. Allen Hynek on the right and William Brazel on the left.
Rare interviews with J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book, and William Brazel, son of the man who's filed contained wreckage of a UFO in Roswell New Mexico are just a few of the highlights. This is an important film and a must have to for any UFO investigator.

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