Columbus Ohio UFO - Video & Eyewitness Report - Saturday May 14th 2011

This past Saturday night (5/14/2011) I was made aware of the above sighting from a friend of mine who lives in Columbus Ohio. He said there were posts on the net about 'glowing lights in the sky'.  After doing some research, I was directed to the video shown here, recorded on the same night and from Columbus Ohio. I then contacted the gentleman who uploaded the video and was given the following reply.
The time was around 10 PM., the sighting lasted around 10 minutes, the object was in the sky it then disappear into the clouds, we think. Very low clouds in the sky that night, that is why it seems that they go from a group to a single light.

I noticed also on the National UFO Reporting Center website there are two similar sightings, both with 12 amber objects - we saw the exact same thing (they appear white in my video).
I did a minor light and contrast adjustment on my video and the object clearly had one central light that brightened and dimmed with the others, and it also had two smaller lights on left and right outriggers.
 - Chris
I have posted here the two simular reports, both from 6 days earlier on May 8th, 2011.  The first is from Barnesville Ohio, which is only 180 miles or about 2 hours east from Columbus.
 From the National UFO Reporting Center

Occurred : 5/8/2011 21:23
Location: Barnesville, OH
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 Minutes

A flight of 12 aircraft flying silently in four V shaped formations of 3 were sighted on May 8 at 21:23 Hours over Belmont County Ohio.

A flight of 12 aircraft flying North to South in four V shaped formations of 3 were sighted on May 8 at 21:23 Hours over Western Belmont County.

The formation displayed bright orange lights and moved at high speed with no sound and then flickered into black after approximately two minutes.

Witnesses from the local farm bureau and a fast food restaurant saw the flight, one has a military service record with the U.S. Air Force.
Then from New Bedford Massachusetts comes the following May 8th sighting from the National UFO Reporting Center
Occurred : 5/8/2011 22:15
Location: New Bedford, MA
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes

12 silent amber moving lights were observed under a cloud cover lower than airplanes fly

At 10:15 pm 12 amber colored lights were seen in the northern sky under a complete cloud cover.

These lights moved in reverse "C" pattern. They moved erratically, but slower than an airplane. They were completely silent. No engine noise was heard.

Gradually the lights blinked out and the sky was empty.

These lights were lower in the sky than an airplane would be flying, and the lights were not blinking at all.
If you see a UFO send me a report at the link below . . .

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  1. don't know if yhou have seen the pics from the NB, MA incident look similar to those in the video

  2. I saw the MA but not the NB. Pretty spooky.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. This just happened north of Delaware, OH. I watched for 5 minutes with my wife and her parents while the lights took formations and changed them a couple times then disappeared into the very low clouds. I even saw 2 of the lights rise up to take formation with the others. creepiest thing I have ever seen....

  4. A friend of mine of Facebook from Delaware said they say lights last night! They thought they were flairs. You're report does not sound like flairs. Can you tell me more?

  5. Mark, that video was IT!!! I had absolutely no idea what the lights were, but when my FB friend said flares, I was thinking, well maybe... I've never seen flares, so I don't know. But now I know... NOPE not flares!!!!! They were amber and yellow. The weird thing, tell me what you think, Chris, is that they didn't shoot up in a perfectally straight line and they weren't fast at all. Very, very eerie!

  6. I meant to ask Justin's opinion in my last post about the lights from last night. I'm Mark's FB friend that mentioned them from last night. I am excited that someone had video. The one time I don't have my phone on me and something amazing happens. Figures.

  7. That's cool. Writing an updated version of the post now. :-)

  8. I saw about 10-12 orange lights tonight, hovering around in an odd formation, for about 5 min. then they were gone. This was near Canton, OH. Reading about some other sightings, sounds very much the same. I was thinking maybe night time sky divers, or? Never seen anything like it! Anyone one else see anything in Ohio tongiht?

  9. Hi all - I will try and upload a new version of the video - I did some contrast and brightness to pull out the objects from the darkness, problem is the camera (stupid me) wasn't set to focus correctly in that light, but, you can clearly pick out the objects - they are not standard aircraft - no strobes, no landing lights, and fly in strange formations...moved together, not fast, didn't shoot up....

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