Toledo Ohio UFO - December 13th, 2011 - Mysterious World Exclusive


This is a report I received on the Defiance Ohio July 3rd UFO 2011 post, of a Toledo Ohio sighting of similar appearance.

This is a very interesting report. I know that there is a nuclear power plant in this area and wonder, if like in other reports of UFOs seen over nuclear bases and power plants across the country over the decades, that there could be a connection to these recent Ohio sightings?
Anonymous said...
   I saw an orange orb from my backyard in Toledo Ohio around 10:00pm, it was not an airplane. It moved from the south to the north and when it was about over Sylvania Ohio it turned west toward Indiana and moved out of sight. I am thinking it could be the same one seen over Defiance as it was moving in that general direction when it was last sighted. I have never seen anything like it and I am 53 years old. Your picture looks like what I saw.  This report was time stamped on the comment section at: 12/13/11 9:36 PM

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