Primeval Earth, A Novel Written By Mark Turner

Sorry to say that I retired from posting weird news, but if you want to read something very weird and very much in line with what is on this blog, you might enjoy the fictional science fiction novel that I wrote. Primeval Earth is set 65 million years ago in the age of dinosaurs. A spacefaring civilization lives there along with giants and small beings with supernatural abilities. Their world is under threat and it is up to the ruling family to combat the sinister threat from space. 

Look it for it in the coming months as I finish the editing. I'm also working on the audio book. 


Mark Turner on Spaced Out Radio.com

Had a lot of fun. Give it a listen. Thanks to Dave Scott and Spaced Out Radio.

The show can be downloaded from the site. Spaced Out Radio.com with Dave Scott

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Mark Turner has a guest spot on Spaced Out Radio.com

I'll be on Spaced Out Radio with host Dave Scott, Feb 11th at 10 PM PST / Feb 12th at 1 AM EST. You can listen to it streaming anytime after the show. (Link will be provided) 

This should be fun. 


MARS UFO? Mystery Object Descends Over Martian Landscape

Mars UFO 2014
Mark Turner
Mysterious World

Sharp eyed UFO watchers looking at NASA images from the Mars Curiosity Rover have discovered an object that, at first, may look like a star, but then descends below the horizon, and is seen in front of the mountain range beyond the rover.

Links to the raw images were provided:
mars.jpl.nasa.gov imagemars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia

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Alcatraz Ghost Photo (VIDEO)

Alcatraz Ghost Photo/KRON4/Los_Angeles
Mark Turner
Mysterious World

Tourists visiting the notorious Alcatraz prison, located on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco bay, have been reporting ghosts sightings and encounters ever since it was opened to tourism.

English couple, Shelia Walsh and her boyfriend, were visiting the Rock, taking an audio tour. Shelia snapped a photo of the empty visitation block window. It wasn't until she looked at the photo on her iPhone, that she noticed the figure of a woman, dressed in what looked to be 1930's or 40's clothing. Comparison shots in the video show that the image in the window was not Shelia's, or really anyone else's reflection.
Comparison of before and after ghost

Sources: Daily MailKRON4

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'Don't Trust the Fairies - Lore, Legends, & Modern Mysteries' - My article for All About Occult

I have written a new article for All About Occult. This is the introduction, follow the link below for the rest.

Don't Trust the Fairies - Lore, Legends, & Modern Mysteries

From around the world in our remote past, tales of small people with magical abilities have been passed on for generations. Sometimes they are viewed near a hill or in a clearing, often dancing, feasting and having a grand ‘ole time. The human visitor who encounters the strange, beguiling scene, cannot pull themselves away and is often invited by the little people to join in the merriment. However, once you enter the fairy realm, you may never return. Though they may seem to be part of a mythical past, there are some that argue that the fairies were and are very real, and that they have flesh and blood offspring living alongside humans.

Invited to a Party

Sometime ago in the Welsh countryside, on Halloween two men not familiar with the area, were invited into a house where small people were seen dancing, drinking and singing by the fire. The travelers entered but when both men were offered to drink, one of the men refused. He knew the tricks of small people, and begged his friend to leave with him. The man only laughed and stayed as his worried friend left in haste while his friend took the drink from the cup that was offered. Invited to dance, he joined them. Outside though a window, his departing friend saw his traveling partner dancing by the fire. He took off into the night and returned the next morning, only to find that the home had vanished. Time passed and the man who entered the home was never heard from again. The next Halloween, however, returning to the very spot where he last saw his friend and with a sudden gust of wind he saw the home reappear! Inside he could see his friend, still dancing with the little people to the rhythm of their intoxicating music, as if time had stood still and not passed for a single minute. Then the home vanished, only to be seen again on the following Halloween. The man who is dancing doesn't feel the passing of time, he does not know that he is a prisoner... but the fairies know.